Posted by: tranalist | January 16, 2007

Here Goes…

I had the happy fortune of meeting some really awesome people when I was in Mozzy (aka
Mozambique) in 2005. It was a nice little threesome (get your mind out of the gutter…purely platonic!):

Andria “The Daring”


 Sylvia “The Wise”

 and Lara (that’s me) “The Crazy”


[It’s amazing what your hair can do when it hasn’t been washed in days, mixed with a little Pemba Beach salt water.]

Right…back to what I was saying…

One year and 3 trips later (the last one without Andria…she decided to get married instead…pshaw!) they’ve become some of my bestest friends ever.

I never thought myself one for doing the whole “blogging” thing. When it comes to the cyber world, I admit I’m usually behind the times. I mean, I had never even heard of “myspace” until 2006 when a college friend gave me a strange look when I asked, “What’s that?” I immediately felt better when 99.98% of the circles I move in hadn’t heard of it either (or had, but didn’t bother to join the frenzy). For inquiring minds…I eventually did…then got the 99.98% to join as well…oh the power of persuasion.

However, when Sylvia showed me her blog documenting our latest trip together and I got to partake in helping her write some of our adventures, I thought to myself, “Self…I should do this too. The world deserves to learn about Lara!

And so, here goes my attempt to live up to the self-imposed responsibility of doing my part in making the world a brighter place.




  1. Woohoo!!! I love it!!!

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