Posted by: tranalist | January 17, 2007

Good friends

Today I got together for another coffe/dinner date with my good friend Jesse. One hot chocolate, bean burrito, and 3 hours later, I’m driving off realizing just how blessed I am with the friendships I have. God is good to me!

For any of you who have seen Anne of Green Gables, Jess is my Dianna Berry…my kindred spirit…my bosom friend. Although we haven’t exchanged locks of hair, we do exchange a lot of…words, hugs, and sometimes tears.

When I met her at a home group about 2 years ago, we kind of drew together like magnets. Everyone needs that friend in life who you can completely be yourself around, who you can encourage, and who can encourage you. I’ve been lucky enough to find a few of these types in my lifetime…and it sure is nice having her in Cali with me, instead of out of state or country like the other ones are 🙂

Today we were talking about fear and how God puts us in situation that causes us to face our fears. We talked about 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear…” What a scripture! Too often people run from fear rather than hold onto this scripture and fully realize that God’s love is perfect. He’ll help us through…He’ll give us the courage.

And so Jesse is off to Africa in the summer to “face her fear” (let’s just say it’s not the first continent she’d want to find herself on). I was able to talk Africa with her since I’m oh so experienced and for her birthday present, I gave her the option to choose a capulana from my collection. Here were her options:

She chose: Little does she know where it’s been!

Jesse: “Do you have any advice for me before I go to South Africa?”
Lara: “Try not to fall in love.”

I mean it. It’s a beautiful country with beautiful people.

I love you Jess!



  1. Not fall in love with Sout Africa? Impossible! Ha, you have a pee pee pose too…I see that camera in your hand.

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