Posted by: tranalist | January 29, 2007

The Faces of Africa

For me, it all began in Africa. My life changed forever. The place stole my heart, the people stole my heart. God taught me lifelong lessons; I met lifelong friends. I’ll see a picture, hear a phrase, recall a memory and I’ll have to stop, catch my breath, and let my mind drift back to that summer. It was only three months, but these faces will forever be in my heart.

The kids of Mozzy…

There was one child in particular who stole my heart. His name was Carimo. He was a “street kid,” and a little crazy, but oh how I loved him. He went from an unhappy, screaming, and kicking kid, to a smiling, laughing, and carefree one. I hear that he’s doing really well over there, which is wonderful news.

This was one of the best days spent in Mozzy. Andria and I took Carimo and Daniel to a local restaurant, bought them a coke and fries, flipped through my Portuguese dictionary to try and communicate with them, realized that more is communicated through a smile and the twinkle in your eyes than any words could say, and played with them on the beach. How wonderful it is to hear the laughter of a child.


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