Posted by: tranalist | February 1, 2007

Some of My Favorite Faces #1

Today I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the people in my life. Because I am such a kind and caring person and think that all people who mean anything to me should be made web-famous, I decided to start an ongoing “blog within a blog” cleverly titled “Some of My Favorite Faces.”

[Okay, so it’s not that clever. Let’s see you come up with something better!] 


Where to begin?!

So as to not offend anyone who thinks they should be the first in my list of Favorites [Sigh — it’s hard having so many people who love me], I decided to take the safe approach and go in chronological order. I best not be hearing any lip from any of you!

Alrighty…let me take you back…way back…to a quaint little street by the name of Concourse, in the quaint little town of concrete and telephone wires, known as La Habra and warmly referred to as GuadaLaHabra (Ha! Get it! GuadaLaHabra…just like Guadalaja…oh forget it).

Happily situated smack dab on this typical urban street sat my home, 1010 N. Concourse. The house sort of had the barnhouse feel to it from the exterior and directly across from it sat 1011 N. Concourse, with more of the farmhouse feel, which I’m sure the architects were going for.

Laura Stoltz and I grew up in those 2 houses.

We were best friends since we were born…if that’s even possible for babies.

She was the one friend allowed to come over for birthdays (my mom wasn’t into throwing big bashes for her small children and boy am I thankful she wasn’t…I might have been traumatized at a very young age…I never did like clowns…but then what kid really does?), we’d run through sprinklers together, play house together, play Nintendo together (then break every 30 minutes for some outdoor activity — an order by her mother to prevent us from rotting our brains — which usually consisted of us running laps in the backyard for 10 minutes…don’t worry, the backyard wasn’t that big and we ran slowly), we’d play chess together, fly down hills on skateboards together, and pig out on her mom’s bomb chocolate chip & oatmeal cookies. Oh the memories are endless.

Laura is truly one of the most loyal and kindest people I know. She loves God, has a great heart, is married to a great man, and now has a kid on the way (Dang!).

Time has caused us to lose touch to a degree, but she’ll always be a best friend to me. 

**It really is too bad that pictures haven’t always come on a CD, then I’d be able to post some real winners here. If I had a scanner, I could solve this little dilemma, but I don’t, so I guess you’re SOL**


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