Posted by: tranalist | February 2, 2007

Some of My Favorite Faces #2

I had the interesting experience of growing up a PK. For those who aren’t in the know, PK stands for Pastor’s Kid. My father pastored a smallish church in La Habra where a group of us girls who clung together like glue.

There was Christina (aka. Stina). She’d spend the night just about every other weekend or I’d be spending the night at her house. We loved playdough and playing basketball. Oh man, we were pros in the fantasies we made up. It was the last quarter, 10 seconds left on the clock, we were tied with our opponent. Christina had the ball, she shot, she missed, and was fouled. She stepped up to the free-throw line (in a very dramatic like way deserving of an Oscar nomination). She’d dribble the ball once. Look at the net. Dribble the ball once, twice, three times, then raise up her arms, flick her wrists back as she released to ball from her hands. It would soar through the air. Everyone was holding their breath…”Would she make it?” was the question on everyone’s mind. The ball neared the basket, hit the backboard, bounced off of one side of the rim, bounced off of the other side, then began to precariously circle the rim, and hesitated before it finally dropped through the net. The crowd burst into a victorious cheer. Christina was the heroine of the day…well…of the moment…until we played it all over again and it was my turn to be the heroine.

Then there was Julianna (aka. Jules).

She’s the daughter of my dad’s right hand man. Always a good, sweet girl and had bangs so big that it would have make the Texas ladies proud.

Rounding out the group was Emily (aka. Embo or Em).

Back then she was short and full of spunk. Now she’s not so short (she discovered her love of heels) and is full of more spunk than ever. I warmly refer to her as “my little spitfire.”

I had lost touch with these girls for about a 7 year period in my late teens. One day I received a phone call from Christina inviting me out to join in on their “Girls Night Out” tradition. I hesitated thinking I’d feel like an outsider, but went along and had a great time. We ate at Joe’s Crab Shack down by the beach, told our waiter that it was Christina’s birthday when she went to the bathroom, and got to enjoy watching reserved Stina prance around the restaurant in a ridiculous outfit.

But I digress. I sure am glad I reunited with these ladies. They’ve taught me a lot and serve as examples to me.

Emily especially. She left house, home, all that was familiar, and moved across the country to New York to nanny for a family in Manhattan for a year. It was then I realized that we are 2 similar people. I was leaving for Mozzy, she for New York. We had the traveling bug, the desire to pick up and move, that restless spirit that can never be satisfied to remain in one place for too long. Not many people understand this part of our beings, but we formed a special bond because we could understand.

After staying in California for a few months, Em found herself unhappy and missing NY. One day she called me up said that she had put in her 2 weeks, bought a one-way ticket to NY, sold her car, and was moving back to her city. She was leaving without a job, without a place to stay, and I thought it was one of the most courageous things I’d ever known anyone to do. She was trusting God…she knew He’d take care of her…and you know what…He did. She never was without a comfortable place to live and found a job that she loves.

Whenever I’d talk to her on the phone she never sounded worried or anxious, because she knew she was following God.

“Lord make the desires of my heart Yours.” That’s been her prayer for years.

Her faith in God and her willingness to follow His leading in obedience is admirable.

I love the girl. Regardless of the physical distance, she has become and remains a great friend.

I love you Em.

Here’s an excerpt of an email I just received from her today:

“Did I tell you I’m planning a trip to Chile in 2008?

Did I tell you that if I like it enough I might buy a place there?

Did I tell you that maybe one day I’d live there?

She’s at it again!”



  1. “Now she’s not so short (she discovered her love of heels…”

    You should change this to read “Now she’s not so short (she discovered her love of heels and sprouted 3/4 of an inch…)”

    I was wondering why my pants were getting shorter, especially since I don’t dry them. Seriously, I had a late spurt and have grown 3/4 of an inch in the last 4 months! Emily now 5′ 1 1/4″ NOT to be confusted with the former 5′ 1/2″ Emily. I’ve gotta get used to the air up here! LOL

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