Posted by: tranalist | March 10, 2007

Pleasant surprises

I like being surprised and to surprise me is a little difficult to do, because I can be such a suspecting gal. I had a surprise birthday party once when I was younger; my second surprise party happened today.

I went to Jordan’s 13th birthday. On the table stood a couple of poster boards covered with pictures of what appeared to be, at first glance, pictures of Jordan from infancy to present. I carefully studied each photo. He was such a cute baby. Round and thick.

When I moved onto the second board, I realized they were all pictures of me. That’s when I noticed a “We’re going to miss you sign” hanging from the wall above the table next to the “Happy Birthday” sign for Jordan. The sentiment almost made me tear up. It was totally unexpected and completely appreciated. Thanks Jord for sharing your birthday with me.

We spent most of the day at the pool equipped with 2 fully functional water slides. By the way, bikinis and water slides don’t mix very well…gotta hold tight to them things! A few hours later we headed back for cake and presents. Jordan got lots of $$$. Once he was done, Becky directed me to take his place, and placed a couple of bags at my feet. I was totally surprised! They had gotten me gifts: 2 nice jackets for cold weather and 2 beanies (adorable ones…she’s got good taste). I also received a nice card and bag of bite size snickers, my favorite candy bar, from Ryan and Adrianna.

I was really blessed today. I am now leaving feeling so special, so loved, and with my father’s blessing. Yup, it was definitely a good day.


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