Posted by: tranalist | March 28, 2007

O Canada

I made it to Canada without any hitches, besides the fact that I almost missed my last flight due to a misposted gate number. Luckily a very sweet, yet paranoid lady who was on my same flight knew that “something was wrong” and it was…we were supposed to be boarding 2 gates further down. I was too caught up in fiddling with my new Nikon digital camera to pay attention…so I owe you one fussy lady.

The weather has been anything but what we Californians peg Canadian weather to be like.

Things I’ve been told or asked before I left:

“You better take a bunch of coats with you, because it’s cold up there.”

“I hope you like the snow.”

“Do they make igloos?”

None of this has turned out to be true so far. I actually donned on a pair of cropped pants, a light t-shirt and my favorite pair of flip-flops because the weather was uncommonly warm for this time of year. I don’t mind it…but I am enjoying the fact that it is overcast today.

My next mission is to find a coffee house in town with free wifi so that I can catch up with people. I don’t know if it actually exists…this is a small town of 11,000…but I’m determined to find the hotspot if there is one.

This old internet junky has enjoyed her break from it, but is ready to reconnect with the cyberworld.

Hope you didn’t miss me too much.



  1. We miss you terribly. We want pictures. Put that new Nikon to work ladybug. And find that coffee shop ASAP. Love ya loads, chicken.

  2. I miss you too!!! I hope you find internet soon!

  3. lara my love! I’m brilliant, think…only $99 return TO to London…you and andria should slip over on vaca! Pray about it. I think God’s on that one. 🙂

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