Posted by: tranalist | May 15, 2007

About town

I thought I’d take you on a lil’ tour of the town of Strathroy so you can see where I’ve been living.

Here’s the water tower that can be seen all throughout town.

Great help for if you get lost…but you can’t get lost…

it’s that small of a town.

There is a main street that takes you through the downtown area.

Thanks to the addition of Wal-Mart in a different part of town,

all businesses are moving over there and the downtown is slowly closing down.

A 5 minute walk from their house is a beautiful conservation area.

I spent a lot of time here in the first few weeks.

There are trails all over and I’ve pretty much walked every one,

unable to get lost thanks to my awesome sense of direction

and many hiking expeditions I did as a kid up at June Lake.

A lot of Canadian geese call this pond their home.

They really are pretty birds.

In the spring, the flowers start blooming.

I was amazed at how colorful everything was,

since I’m used to trees having leaves and flowers living all year round.

Trillium is the official flower of Ontario,

but don’t pick them because you apparently get fined a considerable sum,

especially if it’s the purple one, which is more rare.

You can imagine my temptation. 🙂

Strathroy has a main artist who can be seen on restaurant patios painting different scenes.

Steve and I happened upon a piece of his art one day that he’d worked on all winter.

Hmmm…what else?

I found a cemetery. It was fun to walk around in.

Some of the graves date back the the 1800’s.

It gets me wondering what the town was like back then,

who the people were, and wishing I could have met them.

The funny thing I’ve noticed on all my walks is some people’s love for lawn art.

Deer are the most popular–not quite sure why.

So there you have it. That pretty much sums up Strathroy.

It is a happy little farming community that probably won’t be staying this way for long.

Even the sign says so.









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