Posted by: tranalist | May 15, 2007


We’re getting our first thunderstorm of the season today. I heard the clap of thunder and ran upstairs with childlike excitement. The rain was pouring. Standing in front of the screen door, which isn’t really a screen, but more like a pane of glass, I could feel the humidity seeping through. When I stepped outside, I was taken back to family trips to Alabama to visit my grandparents and various road trips throughout the southern states my dad would take us on. The smells, the sticky air on my skin, the warmth of the rainfall–it was all so familiar. I love moments like these that remind me of particular memories and experiences long since forgotten. Funny how a simple thunderstorm can accomplish so much. Makes me wish I had a porch I could sit on and just enjoy the rain.



  1. Well, you could come here…we have the best porch ever with garden views, daily thunderstorms, and lots of that good ole southern humidity. Miss ya turtle.

  2. I’m a turtle now? Cool. They’re so cute.

  3. i too enjoy a good thunderstorm…

    just wanted to answer your question. i do not currently live in Cali. i was born there and lived there for awhile. i lived in orange county as well 🙂

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