Posted by: tranalist | June 8, 2007

California Homecoming

I returned to Cali for a couple of weeks to see friends and family, to do some job interviewing, and to have some downtime.


I’ve been here exactly one week and it’s been a whirlwind of activities.


In between dinner dates with friends, I’ve celebrated Sage’s first birthday



I’ve celebrated my birthday (the big 2-4 this year)



I went to a shooting range for the first time with my cousin Matt and learned how to properly handle and shoot a gun.

You can watch a short video of us here.



[Sylvia, where’s that gun lock when I need one?!]

Then we went and had some of the best tea I’ve ever tried at a quaint tea house in Fullerton.


And I learned how to drive a team of horses when I went to Elsinore to visit the family.

There was a lot of “Gee” and “Haw” -ing going on.



I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow when the only thing on my agenda is to go to my storage unit to look for a microphone so I can talk to Steve via VOIP.

I’m almost tempted just to buy a new one, cause the thought of digging through boxes doesn’t sound like fun.


Though I’ve been busy, it’s been fun, real fun.


Oh, and I decided to enlarge my photographic genres from just flowers and trees to pictures of people.

Here’s some that I’ve been working on:






Now we’re all caught up.



  1. It’s probably in one of those storage boxes…see a gun lock was a good welcome to Texas gift! And learning about gee and haw is a very good thing when you are contemplating partnership…

    Love the portraits!

  2. You were at Cafe Veronese?!!! I’m so envious! In those many difficult months back in Cal. that was my haven! Their house coffee is amazing too! Have you tried the milk tea? It’s a must!

  3. ok that kid is ADORABLE!

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