Posted by: tranalist | July 26, 2007

Remembering Me

God is just so cool.

I met Melissa at church two weeks ago. We hit it off instantly and knew there was a heart connection. Getting together for coffee quickly became our agenda.

Today we were finally able to meet, except we replaced coffee in Diamond Bar for a poolside in Newport Beach.

I got there at 1pm and didn’t leave until 8pm.

It’s nice to remember who I am, how I love people, how I love sharing my heart and listening to theirs.

Oh ya, this is who God made me!

After breaking for a snack, we headed to Crystal Cove (apparently made immortal by the movie Beaches…whaaaa??)

The way was treacherous, but worth the risk.

I found a sandcastle and Melissa became a dollar richer.

That’s 4 gum balls worth!

And it really was a fine sandcastle.

There’s a dead crab and seagull feather to prove it.

We arrived back at her parents’ place just in time for dinner which included a yummy fruit salad.

~A perfect end to a perfect day if you ask me~


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