Posted by: tranalist | July 27, 2007

“For today I am called to be single…

…I cannot say about tomorrow.”

One can never know why God allows for some of us to wait. I did like this answer to the question, “So, why aren’t you married?”

“Honestly, the bottom line is pretty simple. The reason I’m not married is so that today the work of God might be displayed in my life.”

Of course, a more matter-of-fact way of saying it is “It’s better to be single and wish you were married than to be married and wish you were single.”

I guess God just has more He still wants me to do in my life before I settle down and I trust Him enough to just go with it.

[Borrowed from “So, Why Aren’t You Married?“article by Connally Gilliam]



  1. Three days, three blog posts…you’re on a roll chicken…so am I! Wooohoooo! But I have something you don’t…an Andre poem. HA! Are you jealous?

  2. No, I’m not jealous!!!

    [stupid sylvia who gets poems…grrmph…]

    I’m remembering how much fun it is to write…especially about random stuff.

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