Posted by: tranalist | July 30, 2007

Gray Sky Moments

I consider myself a pretty bright gal, but sometimes my mind fails to make the most simple connections, and when it does, I call it a “gray sky moment.”

This first happened when I was around 16 years old and into watching sports. One day it dawned on me that the Chicago Bulls weren’t from Texas.

Yes, I know where Chicago is on a map.

No, I don’t know why my mind decided to place them in Texas.

I have to assume it was because of the “bulls” and how all bovine related mascots tend to come from Texas. But mostly I think it was because I frankly didn’t care all that much where the team was from.


My other “gray sky moment” came in French class in high school.

Le ciel est couvert was the phrase of the day. Directly translated it means, “The sky is covered” and is the textbook way of saying it’s cloudy.

That was the day I learned that the sky itself doesn’t change colors from blue to gray; its the clouds that cause the color change!

“Duh” is an appropriate expletive here. Go ahead. I give you permission.


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