Posted by: tranalist | August 2, 2007

She’s a working girl…

I am now the Constituent Information Coordinator (CIC) at

It’s a fairly new and growing foundation raising money for kids cancer research. The people who work there are lovely and really believe in what they do, which is something I’ve learned I have to be able to do as well.

God’s been really good to me and having to trust Him every step of the way has been awesome, because He really does take care of you!

I feel like I’m living proof of Romans 8:28 right now and it feels dang good.

And like a friend of mine says, “Jobs are like dating. You just have to spend time with them to know if it’s a good fit.”

Well I’m hoping this one is.



  1. Wooohoooo! Congrats chicken.

    p.s. I love it when people quote me! Made my day.

  2. That’s so great, Lar! Good work, girl!

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