Posted by: tranalist | August 6, 2007

Some of My Favorite Faces #5



[from L to R: Dustin, Nadia, & Jen]

I L-O-V-E these 3 people.

Here are some of the most wonderful, supportive, hilariously entertaining friends on the planet.


How we met:

I met Dustin on the tram to my first day of class Sophomore year. We ended up having a class together and living in apartments right next to each other.

I met Nadia the first day at the dorms Freshman year when I walked into my next door neighbor’s room to introduce myself and there she was. I talked her into not going home that weekend and we’ve been partners in crime ever since.

I met Jen through Nads in the school parking lot at one point I think…or maybe it was at the dorms…or maybe I need to just ask her.

And somehow they all knew each other and somehow we all kept in touch.

Their friendship over these past years, and especially these past few weeks, has really meant so much to me. Each has shown me their support in my recent life decisions through dinners, coffee chats, letters, and encouraging words (quality time is one of my love languages).

Jen has had this uncanny ability to really speak into my life regarding what she feels is going to be happening to me. I’ll never forget our Wendy’s date last September when I told her I was unhappy with my job. She looked me square in the face and firmly said, “I don’t think you’re going to be there very much longer. God’s got other plans for you.” A few weeks later I put in my 2 weeks and it’s been a God journey ever since.

Dustin has this amazing gift of hospitality, has put on many amazing dinners for friends and makes any stranger feel welcome.

And Nadia…nothing can stop that girl. She’s crazy fun, up for any dare, and is one of the youngest to work in her field. Her motto, “If they can be successful at this at 44, then I can be successful at 24.”

Ooooh…my heart is just bursting with so much love and gratitude for these special treasures of mine. I should probably pick up the phone right now and let them know.

You guys are great.






  1. i am glad you have some lovely friends like these šŸ™‚

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