Posted by: tranalist | August 12, 2007

Needles make Lara woozie

Today I watched a friend stick herself with a needle. No this isn’t a favorite past time of hers; it’s a part of the medical stuff she has to do to herself.

I now know for sure that I inherited my mom’s fear of needles and the faintness that follows shortly after. Although I didn’t pass out this time, I had to take a break from eating my very juicy hamburger and put all willpower into keeping the food down.

When I went in for my very first shot ever to prepare for my 3 month stay in Africa two years ago (yes, seriously, I had never been poked before), I made it through the injection then woke up on the floor, which wouldn’t have been a bad thing, except that I had been previously sitting in a chair. It was quite hilarious.

The nurse asked if I wanted to stop taking shots to which I replied, “Heck no lady! Nothing is stopping me from going to Africa!!”

They laid me down after that for precautionary reasons and I received a small apple juice box to help with the blood sugar levels.

See. It wasn’t that bad. But I’m still not looking forward to heading back to the doctors office the next time I’m planning on heading overseas. 🙂



  1. first off, i read the first sentence of this entry and decided to not continue reading. ok scratch that, i just read it, haha. and it’s funny, i have never had a problem with pain, blood, needles or anything. kinda nice.

    anyways, came to say “I sometimes wonder if we’d be friends had we met at school or work or the playground…we just think very much alike. :)”
    This is comforting… thanks 🙂 life is kinda empty and meaningless right now, so yea. hopefully things change soon.

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