Posted by: tranalist | August 20, 2007

Watching the world go by

Some of my favorite times of late have been spending time with my dad at the house church. It’s situated on a hillside, so we pull up some chairs, kick up our feet, and talk for hours as we watch the rest of the world go by.

Everything seems so still and so peaceful when we’re up there. It’s great.

Most of our discussion turns to God–what he’s learned in his years in ministry and what I’m learning. I get to ask lots of questions and we share our views, perspectives, and opinions.

This past visit I got to hear about his travels to Africa and South America and the fruit of the seeds he’s sown there. I had had no idea. I really respected how he never “tooted his own horn” about his efforts overseas, never quantifying anything. He just went and did it because it was on his heart to do. And he raised up leaders over there to do it too, so that he could step out of the picture.

I was all ears, because that very thing is on my heart to do one day and I’m eager to learn right & wrong ways to do missions, plant churches, etc.

I told him, “Pops, if you ever go back, I’d love to join you just once to experience it first hand.”

God willing. What a hoot that would be.


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