Posted by: tranalist | August 26, 2007

What a week

Yesterday concluded my first week at my new job and I have to say, I’m really enjoying it thus far. The atmosphere is at the complete opposite spectrum of the work environment I was in before. There was automatic trust, freedom, and complete autonomy–all things I had been praying for.

The people I work with have all been great and welcoming. I was treated to lunch on my first day by the Executive Director, the Chief Development Officer, and the other Development Officer at a quaint little French deli. They wanted to know all about my travels to Africa and I chatted their ears off. Many of them are travel buffs as well and encourage it.

Every day afterward at lunch time I head out to a little bench in this beautifully treed “Designated Smoking Area” right outside the building. I soak up the sun, eat my lunch, and read this hilarious book called Jim and Casper Go To Church.

The only downside has been the traffic. One hour there; one hour home. I rock out to some good worship stuff and usually check my brain out for a while to relax.

Luckily all that will change when I move next weekend. I met up with my soon-to-be roommates last night and they seem great.

Today was my second official guitar class and since I was the only one who showed up (besides J.J the 10-year-old drummer extraordinaire ), I got some good one-on-one time. Funny, the teacher looked at me near the end of our session and says, “You seem like you’ve got worship in you.” I had to chuckle at that, nod my head, and say “Yup, I do. I’ve been told that before.”

So now I’m spending time with family, nursing my sore fingers and enjoying life.

…and wishing I could take a nap…



  1. Hey, we both wrote about music today! Funny. I wish I could take a nap with you…uh, that didn’t come out right. Let me try again. I wish I was in Cali and we could go to the beach and lie in the sun and talk and nap and talk and nap…ya like that.

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