Posted by: tranalist | August 28, 2007

Missing Mom

It won’t be long before another day.
We’re gonna have a good time.
And no one’s gonna take that time away.

-James Taylor



  1. The Brightness of Her Spirit

    Anyone who knew her
    Felt the brightness of her spirit.

    No life her hand reached out to
    Stayed the same.

    The world once touched
    By her unselfish kindness
    Still echoes with the honor
    Of her name.

    The footprints that she left
    Were firm of purpose.
    The path she walked,
    A wise and hopeful one.

    And written on the pages of forever,
    In praise of her
    Will be these words …
    Well done.

  2. Thinking and lifting you up in prayer!
    xxx ooo

  3. Ah, little dove…so many bittersweet things right now.
    I love this photo of the two of you…that was a good day wasn’t it. She was just so sweet that day, trying so hard…I’m glad I snapped that moment in time, cause it is such a portrait of each of you. She was a really special lady and she has a really special legacy….love ya

  4. I really liked the poem. Who are you 4HELuvs??

  5. Ek is lief vir jou! I hope it was lovely….

  6. awww…thanks Sylvia! I love you too. And yes, it was very lovely.

  7. Whenever Life Is Getting You Down,
    Daughter, Remember This…

    To solve each problem one at a time;
    to take each day as it comes.

    To stick to your goals, no matter
    what happens, and press on toward your dreams.

    To keep your attention focused on the future,
    as you consider the solutions at hand.

    To look for the bright side, even though it may be temporarily covered by a cloud.

    To smile often, even when a frown feels more natural.

    To think of those you love, and know that they love you, too.

    No matter how difficult it may seem, you have within you the power, the ability, and the knowledge to make things better.

    Lara, here is something that I would think you’re mom would give to you!

  8. Thank you! These poems are very special to me. It was great seeing you at the service!

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