Posted by: tranalist | September 8, 2007

My compass is ready

The other day a friend asked me, in regards to my mother’s passing:

So what is your move now?
Where are you going?
What do you feel like doing?

I have to admit I was a little puzzled by the questions, because I had told her 4 weeks or so ago about God giving me direction, so I sat and pondered for a moment. Then I realized that many people, I having been one of them, live their lives from a place of letting life/circumstances/etc., lead their lives, and therefore, head in whichever direction the wind’s blowing that day.

These past few months for me have been all about learning how to live from the place of letting God lead my life. My “you’s” and “your’s” have been exchanged for “God’s.”

So, I guess my answer is simple:

My move is the same.
Where I’m going is the same.
What I feel like doing is the same.

God was gracious enough to give me direction in the midst of my mom’s illness. I was able to move forward confidently knowing I was walking in His will. And now that my mother is gone, my course remains the same because it is God centered. I will not deviate until He tells me to, wherein my answers to my friend’s questions will be much different.

It sure is nice building myself upon the Rock. I could get used to this…


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