Posted by: tranalist | September 24, 2007

A day about town

I went for a walk today. I love the weather after a rainstorm. The sky is so blue, the clouds so big and white and puffy. There was such a nice briskness in the air that made it an ideal day for walking.

I really am starting to love this city of mine. It’s got history and character.

There’s such a diversity of people too. Today I ran into the Playhouse District where mainly the older generations go to, I assume, watch plays. And since I love the older generations, I think I’m going to have to go and join them one of these days.

As I was passing a mom and pop pizza shop voted “Best Gourmet Pizza In Town For The Past 12 Years” one of the workers popped his head out of the front door and invited me in for some pizza. I declined claiming no money, which was true because I wasn’t carrying my purse with me. He said some sort of flattering comment, wherein had I been an actual model, I apparently could have gotten some free pizza. I chuckled to myself as I walked away.

This city is crazy. A good crazy. My kind of crazy.

**For all my African travel partners: leave it to me to find the only 2 giant metal heads in California and take a picture next to it, just like in South Africa!**



  1. Ahhh…thanks!! It is beautiful. I can’t believe you found another one giant nose!! Only you.

  2. Next I’ll post pictures of my room. I finally did some major organizing so I can actually walk without avoiding clutter. This is nothing short of a miracle for me!

  3. Ok those pics are amazing, and sunny….

    I’ve never been to California and you’re making me want to visit more than ever now!

  4. Then my mission is accomplished! 🙂

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