Posted by: tranalist | October 14, 2007

Another stirring…

My mind is alive with information, but I haven’t the words to write it down.

It’s quite frustrating and the reason I haven’t posted anything lately.

I was able to sneak off to the mountains for the weekend with my family to say our final goodbye to Mom.

The Sierra’s were stunning.

The aspens’ leaves were turning and everywhere I looked I was awed by beauty.

Getting away is good for me. I need hiccups in my routine to remind me that what I’m doing is only temporary and to remain open to where God’s leading.

Right now, I’m really enjoying where He’s taking me. It would seem that I have “no bad days” anymore. I wake up happy, go to work happy, and go to bed happy.

The relationships I’ve been building have a large part to do with it. Old friendships are growing stronger and new friendships are building solid foundations.

It’s funny how much God will use you in little ways when you keep your heart open to Him. I’ve been experiencing this a lot over these past few months: listening to someone who needs to be heard, encouraging them with a smile or a word or a hug, making time just to be with them. It’s amazing how something so small can be so impactful to others. And it’s not just me being used by Him, but also Him using other’s to speak and minister to me.

The latest development is a couple of my girlfriends and I getting together to just read through books of the bible…an informal bible study of sorts. Last week officially kicked it off and it was great.

I actually have a strong desire to be used or involved in some sort of ministerial role. Funny that these words are coming from me, because I clearly remember telling God years ago that there was no way I’d go into ministry. I’ve experienced what it’s like growing up a PK and it’s not easy. But God kept working on my heart and now I really long for it.

We’ll see.



  1. Lara, I am so glad that you are finding such happiness. It makes my heart happy. I am going to be flying to CA tomorrow morning and staying until the 25th. I would love to see you! Give me a call. I think i still have your right cell #. I will try it out when i get there, but if not, then just leave me a message on my blog.
    love ya!
    the blog address is:

  2. A reaching out and ‘awakening’ ….

    A delightful read and perhaps all the more poignant is the photo – a time of reflection.

    Every good wishes.

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