Posted by: tranalist | October 26, 2007

Not afraid of a little honesty…

There are a few characteristics that I value more highly than others. One is integrity and the other is honesty/truth. Every day I attempt to walk in these and am drawn to people who walk in them as well.

I once read a quote years ago that said something like, “A true friend tells the truth even when it hurts.”

That was revelatory to me.

Since then, I’ve found myself in a few situations where I have had to confront a friend with truth at the risk of hurting or even permanently ending the relationship. Luckily, it has always turned out well. Their heart saw the love in the action and heard the correction, which is an amazing thing to me, since human nature tends to want to shut out those who confront us.

I just had to do another confrontation. I have been struggling with this one for weeks…no…months…and never felt peace until tonight, when I was praying, and God reminded me that honesty and truth is the code I live by and the only way to bring peace.

So, the letter has been sent and this time, I’m not too sure how it will turn out.

I choose to remain optimistic though.



  1. I’m sorry I missed you too! I didn’t call until a little late in my trip. It was a busy one visiting with family, but maybe when we are there at Christmas we can see you. Hope things are going wonderfully. It sounds like they are from your blog. Even though we didn’t meet up, know that I am thinking about you and checking up on your musings on the blog. Love you!

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