Posted by: tranalist | November 9, 2007

48 hours on 3 hours of sleep…

It’s 5pm and I’m ready to bring out the toothpicks to prop my eyelids open. I can’t go to sleep because I’ve got some chicken cooking in the oven–wouldn’t want the roommates to come home to a burnt down house. I know…I need to stop being so thoughtful.

This morning Rachel picked me up at 1:30am…that’s right…AM…to head to the office to listen to a live radio show in NY that was dedicating segments of it’s show all day long to St. Baldrick’s.

Not being one to miss out on an opportunity to throw the ol’ wrench in the routine, I gladly accepted Rachel’s early morning proposal. If you think that’s crazy…there were 3 other people who ended up joining us as dawn overtook the night.

The show itself was a great success; everything went well and I hope stacks of people got another wrinkle in their brain as they learned about what we do.

By 9am I’d hit the proverbial wall, but being the trooper I am, coupled with my new found fascination with SurveyMonkey, I pushed through, leaving the office just before noon (because my SurveyMonkey started horsing around).

Most would suspect I ran straight home to bed to catch up on some lost zzzz’s, but no, Rachel and I decided to get our second wind by lunching at a quaint Vietnamese restaurant, which had excellent eggrolls, a wonderful sandwich, and hot sauce that turned you into your own personal sauna.

We walked around the Boulevard to take care of some errands and when we parted, I headed to the $2 theater to watch Elizabeth: The Golden Age. It wasn’t so much about the movie (which was decent), but more about buying a movie ticket for $2-flippin-dollars!

And I did get one very important thing taken care of. This one’s for you Sylvia…

wedding dress in window

…so I went back in my J…it’s not the spitting image…that image would require more bunching in the skirt…but it’s pretty darn close.



  1. Thank you ladybug…I love the way the buildings are reflected…gives it a dreamy, illusion sort of feel…kinda of like a dream, where you can’t quite see it clearly…and the tree is just so cool…so many layers, and all of it just slightly beyond your grasp…slipping through your fingers…on the tip of your brain…I can almost see it…a sense of texture…sounds…something remembered, but almost lost….wait, I think I see it now…

  2. Lara, there is something of your mom in the dress for sure…some thought is tickling my brain…like I have a piece of the thread…but I can’t quite get hold of it….don’t let this go…pursure God, ok?

  3. Hmmm…interesting. Ok…I’ll pray about it. And I’ll make the photo visible to you in flickr so you can look at it in a larger size. The detail is amazing.

    If you remember anymore of that thread…let me know!

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