Posted by: tranalist | November 15, 2007

The will Will call pool

This week’s highlight was the stranger that had the guts to hit on me while I was sitting with a group of girls on our lunch break (what can I say, it’s the laugh that gets them).

Ok, the being hit on part wasn’t so much the highlight, (cause that part tends to make me feel awkward and uncomfortable) but the afterward part has afforded some good old fashioned fun.

The girls and I decided to start a pool betting on when and/or if he’ll call. So far 2 girls have lost and the other will most likely lose tomorrow. As for me, I’m sure I’ll win. I said he won’t call at all [breath sigh of relief].

But I do have to say on behalf of most girls, I appreciate his effort and boldness. Women do like a guy who has enough confidence to approach us vs. not acting at all. So…well done Will!

See, for me, there’s no point on even going on a date if he isn’t sold out for God, cause this gal ain’t gonna be interested no matter how rich or handsome or chivalrous he is.

That really makes the pond from which we are to fish more the size of a fishbowl. Boo.



  1. that prerequisite is a bit stifling for the guys, Laura. I’m bummed…. 😦

  2. Tim,

    1) It’s Lara, not Laura.

    2) It’s not stifling, it’s non-negotiable…the fact that you don’t get that, is exhibit A in why she should not date a guy not sold out for God…you don’t get her, don’t get the most essential thing about her.

    Chicken, put the emphasis on sold out, cause even if they believe, but aren’t going for HIM…they aren’t the man for you.

  3. Oh, and who won the pool?

  4. I did…sort of. I guessed Friday by email, but really didn’t think he’d try at all, cause I thought I had rectified the situation. He emailed on Friday. I replied. Haven’t heard anything since. 🙂

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