Posted by: tranalist | November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thursday marked the first major holiday without Mom. It’s amazing how life keeps going even after the loss of someone so significant in one’s life. I find it interesting how I didn’t miss her during this holiday as everyone would suspect. Rather, it’s the little things…the personal, intimate details about her that, when triggered, cause me to miss her and grieve her loss.

I had a great Thanksgiving. It got started last week with a celebratory meal with the Pops…that’s the nice thing about being from a divorced family–you get double the fun.

On Wednesday my G-ma passed down her pumpkin pie recipe to me. I am now the official keeper of the pies. We had fun making the dough, watching me unskillfully try to roll out the crust, and me mistakenly tell her to put 4 teaspoons of sugar in when the recipe called for 4 tablespoons (we luckily caught it before the pies when in the oven).

I gorged myself on the delicious delectables…3 plates worth thank you very much. And I even tried G-ma’s candied yams like I promised. Sorry Grams, I still don’t like them.

My Thanksgiving didn’t end there. Friday night we got together with another part of the family, which was a lot of fun. Amy and I totally kicked Wii butt in tennis and I got to play around with my sister-in-law’s Canon Rebel DSLR. Mmmm…that probably had to be my favorite part. 🙂

So now I’m tired and taking it easy and needing to go work off some of the pounds I picked up over the past couple of days. I just might be due for another hiking excursion…



  1. You need to come here for sure and have sweet potato pudding….candied yams, patooey! Gotta have the pudding!

  2. Where the heck have you been…now I’m missin’ you. You aren’t taking a page outta my book and going underground are you?

    Sigh! Talk to you tomorrow I guess :).

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