Posted by: tranalist | January 11, 2008

One New Year’s resolution down…

Last year, God really opened up a door for me to start learning guitar, which was a total answer to prayer. I love to worship and had always had this picture of just me, my guitar, and God.

My teacher, seeing this desire in me, really started pushing me to grow and stretch and overcome fears that were holding me back. He patiently prodded me to start singing in the mic at practice, then patiently prodded me to start leading some songs at practice.

Then he started inviting me to play with him at our Tuesday night bible study and then, this past week when he sent me the song lineup, asked me to think about leading a couple of the songs. As soon as I heard those words, fear took hold–the kind of fear where you feel like your stomach is going to come out of your throat. Luckily I had a couple of days to mentally prepare and pray, so when Tuesday night rolled around and he asked me again, I was able to say, “Maybe.”

He had conveniently chosen songs that I was pretty familiar with, so during our warm up, I mustered up the courage to agree to lead a couple of the songs.

It was amazing.

I wasn’t perfect, heck, I probably wasn’t even that great, but God met me there and helped me get through, and now I can say I DID IT!

I’ve been walking on that “cloud 9” feeling you get when you know you’ve been obedient to the Lord. It’s great. I have much more to learn, as my guitar teacher pointed out the next day, but I’m not discouraged and I know he won’t find a more eager student.


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