Posted by: tranalist | January 27, 2008

Stepping out of the comfort zone

This past Tuesday I led worship at the bible study I go to. The week before, my teacher surprised me with the news that he would be out of town and needed me to play some songs the following week, solo. I agreed to it, calmly on the outside, but slightly freaking out on the inside. A heck of a lot of time was spent in prayer and preparation. I’d say it went pretty well; there was only one song I fudged for a line or two.

It was definitely a growing experience. It showed me how much more I have to learn, gave me renewed vision of where I want to end up, and what it will take to get there.

I called him on Friday to “debrief.” I shared how I felt, what I sensed, and my struggle with certain things. He offered some good advice to practice in my private worship times that will hopefully carry over during the public worship times.

I really am so appreciative of how much he believes in me. Every time I say, “I can’t sing in that key,” he calmly responds, “Yes you can. You just don’t know it yet. There’s more ability inside of you than you give yourself credit for.” At times he can be quite stern. It’s his way of challenging me to be better, to grow, to learn what it takes to be a worship leader.

I honestly don’t know how people do it. There is so much involved in, not just leading worship, but ushering in the presence of God, as well. I stand in awe of those who appear to do it so effortlessly and am so thankful for their skill.

Baby steps, Lara. I’ll get there…one day.


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