Posted by: tranalist | January 31, 2008

Being broken

I don’t even know how to deal with these sorts of moments, the moments when God reveals more of His heart to you, more of His compassion, more of His love, so much so that it leaves you feeling broken and vulnerable. And in that vulnerability, you feel so bare, so fragile that you can only do one thing, the one thing you’re afraid to do, because it means that you will experience more emotion, more loss of control, and that is to press into God even more. Sometimes I weep from feeling His compassion for people; I weep that there are so many who aren’t experiencing the fullness of His love, His peace, and His joy; I weep that people walk around with hurts and wounds and never experience healing and freedom; I weep because I know what life is like without Him and I want so badly for them to know Him. Oh Lord, help me to shine a little bit of Your light into peoples’ lives, so that they can feel what I feel and know what I know, so that anxieties can be lifted and shame cast away, and so that lives can be transformed.



  1. There is a depth that is unspeakable when God gives us a gift. I DO UNDERSTAND! The call of compassion for the lost is a cry that nobody can replace.

    This song may help you in understanding that it’s real what your feeling inside.

    Lord Please Move Me With Compassion for The Lost


    They were so tired and weary- lost and scared and everywhere, to the master they were just like sheep, without a Shepard’s care. He felt of their infirmity, so much, that it made him weep- His heart was filled with pity and compassion for his sheep.
    Lord, please move me with compassion for the lost I pray-For the millions who are lost and cannot find their way-melt my calloused heart with love no matter what the cost, Lord, please move me with compassion for the lost.
    This world is so tired and weary, lost and wandering aimlessly, just like sheep without a Shepard, they’re as lost as lost can be!
    Consume me now, with a love for the lost,let that love become a light, that guides the lost sheep into the fold, before there comes a night!
    Lord, Please move me with compassion for the lost I pray! For the millions who are lost, and cannot find their way. Melt my calloused heart, with love no matter what the cost! Lord, please move me with compassion for the Lost!
    Lord, Please move me with compassion for the Lost!

    I am not familiar with this ministry but the song is listed on the site as “move me with compassion” click on it and be ready for the comfort of how God knows what you feel :>)

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