Posted by: tranalist | March 19, 2008


As I walked into my hotel room at 9:30pm last night, it hit me (again): I love traveling. I love sleeping in a new bed and getting acquainted with a new place. I also love the break up of my routine.

I arrived in Santa Rosa only 4 hours behind schedule due to a mechanical issue with the plane. It was great seeing Cousin, Cousin’s Hubby, and Baby. I would post pictures of Baby, but Cousin asked me not to, due to the line of work she’s involved in (don’t worry family and friends…I’ll send you pictures of Baby via email). We had a good time catching up, me helping her with Baby in the limited way I could and eating all of Hubby’s wonderful meals.

It’s so beautiful up north and reminded me quite a lot of my time in Canada. Small towns and double-lane highways with sprawling green fields (in this case vineyards) going back as far as the eye can see. Cousin took me to see her horse and Baby handled the outing like a champ. We decided next time I visit we’ll have to go out for a ride through the fields, which I am all for!

I spent St. Patrick’s Day at the Oakland Children’s Hospital helping out with the event held there. It was great fun and a huge success. I believe that the event’s original 100K goal has been was exceeded by 10K, with more donations flowing in. Way to go Lisa!

I found myself a little emotional at times throughout the evening, when I would think about the kids diagnosed with cancer and how these events help fund the much needed research to find less invasive treatments and, ultimately, a cure. I definitely got teary eyed when I met some of the honored kids and their parents with whom I had only communicated with via phone and email. To finally put a face to the name and to see their child was hard and wonderful at the same time.

A co-worker’s friend, who attended the event, became my knight in shining armor, when he kindly offered me a ride back to my hotel, after I told him that I wasn’t really sure how I’d get to the BART station.

Me: “Maybe I’ll walk or call a cab. It’s only .7 miles away.”
Him: “Walk?! You can not walk around this area. I’ll drive you to the station.”

[I have a tendency to not be as fearful as I should be in certain neighborhoods. When I went for a walk in Joburg, South Africa, I had a motorist actually pull over and tell me to get my bum home, because people were murdered in that area all the time. I still wasn’t fearful, but heeded his advice.]

Friend quickly decided to drive me all the way to my hotel, which was so sweet! I love people who treat you like a long time friend, even though you’re a complete stranger.

So, yes, after two whirlwind days of family and head shaving fun, I walked into my hotel room, clicked on the TV and fell onto the King size bed, contentedly exhausted, happy to be in my new surroundings and have some quiet time before I hit the airport early the next morning.


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