Posted by: tranalist | April 7, 2008

In good company

It’s weekends like these that remind me of how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends.

It started with a late lunch with girl Jesse. Good conversation. Good laughs.

I decided to join her for homegroup, so I headed over to the boy’s house. More good conversation. More good laughs.

A great discussion and a great prayer time was followed with all of us dashing over to the movie theater to catch a flick. Not so much conversation, but a whole lot of laughs!

Saturday afternoon I went to visit my little nephew, played Skip-Bo with the family (was embarrassingly defeated twice!), and watched UCLA lose to Memphis. Boo. Then it was off to dinner with Jen in Old Town.

Sunday I went to hear Jon, a guy who’s planting a church in Pasadena, speak. His message was amazing, challenging, and passionate. I’m really starting to love him and his wife.

On my way over to Jen’s place, I called up Em in NY to check in. She was good. Before Jen and I headed out for our hike, I filled my belly with some very stale Teddy Graham type crackers:

Me: Can I have these (as I’m eating one already)
Jen: Sure…they might be stale. Are they bad?
Me: [Nods head quickly up and down as I pop another one in my mouth]
Us: Laughter

We had a great lunch and wanted to follow it up with some Coldstone, but then decided to go to Color Me Mine instead. I painted a mug. She painted a plate. I can’t wait for my mug. …I’m sure she can’t wait for her plate.

After getting a little paint happy, we showed up to church a little late, enjoyed a great service, then ended the evening hanging out with a group from the church. Good conversation. Good laughs. Good Pumpkin cookies and hot dogs.

Everyone is so life giving, so encouraging, so loving, so funny, so open, and so welcoming. Just being around them edifies the soul. If I didn’t know that I was meant to stay in Pasadena a while longer, I might have wanted to move back to Orange County. But I’m happy here and know there are things God still wants me to do, which I’m surprisingly content with.


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