Posted by: tranalist | May 15, 2008

‘Twas a Happy Mother’s Day

May 11th marked yet another holiday without Mom, and another holiday where I found myself doing extremely well. Since there was no mother to honor, I did the next best thing–I honored my G-ma.

We stuffed ourselves on In ‘n Out burgers, since Alisha’s was closed, then headed over, with my cousin, to the quaint Korean tea-house, Cafe Veronese, in downtown Fullerton for the best tea ever! We all had fun chatting and catching up.

She’s so hip and cool.

At church that night, I got a sweet little Mother’s Day present when I was told that during the morning service, someone had shared about Mom and how she always told us how wonderful, amazing, intelligent, and beautiful we were. The moral of the story was, “That’s how all mother’s desire to be toward their children.” It was touching that someone remembered that from the funeral, and all these months later was able to impart it to other mothers.

Then, to top it all off, a package came in the mail the next day with a DVD slideshow containing tons of pictures of Mom (and friends & family) that a good friend of my mother’s had put together as a sort of memorial for us. It was very sweet and made me cry–the good kind of cry. Thanks Kim!



  1. Yes yes, twas Merryl, and if I remember correctly, she said it was you who shared that about your mother.

    I remember hoping you guys would hear that that was shared.

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend Mother’s Day. Glad it was nice and that you are doing well. You are so amazing!

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