Posted by: tranalist | June 29, 2008

Another mini vacation

At the beginning of June I hopped back on a plane and headed east to Florida to visit some old family friends for a long weekend getaway. Luckily, the weather hadn’t yet reached the typical Floridian humidity, and on days when we did venture out in the afternoon to any location other than the beach, sweating through and through reminded me of Africa or summers in Alabama, so it was nothing new.

It was great getting to see my friends, and boy were they wonderful hosts! I was treated like a queen the entire week–I had my own room with private bath, meals made for me, and was chauffeured all over town. My time was very relaxing, full of lounging and resting and days at the beach, with an occasional bike ride thrown in there. Regardless of what we were doing, our time was always full of good, deep, insightful conversation.

I realized how much I’ve missed being around folks older than I who are full of wisdom (I don’t get to do it nearly as much as I used to). I love picking their brains and asking tons of questions, so these were 5 days straight of just that. As an added bonus, these were 5 days spent with a couple who love, respect and cherish one another, which, in this day and age, kids my age definitely can’t get enough of.

Every so often my friend would tell me something sweet her husband would do for her and, as I stood there in amazement, she would turn to me and say, “I know, he’s just raised the bar for you, hasn’t he?” and I’d follow with a resounding “Yes!”

I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a family of men who set great examples of how a wife should be loved in marriage, so my bar is already high, but this guy definitely made it go even higher.

So, Florida was great and it looks like my next venture will be back up to our family’s cabin in the Sierra’s for another family vacation.



  1. Glad you had fun with your friends! And it’s good your bar is high, it saves guys like me from feeling the need to kill (or at least maim) that jerk you married. Or rather, didn’t marry, because you insist on getting a rather good guy.

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