Posted by: tranalist | July 28, 2008

Big Bear Retreat

Oasis Pasadena

Oasis Pasadena Big Bear Retreat

Here we are–well most of us anyway–the team that has gathered to help start Oasis Church in Pasadena. Everyone is so amazing, each with such unique gifts and talents. I really am enjoying this journey and feel lucky that I get to travel it with them. The retreat in itself was very refreshing and unstructured, allowing us to get to know one another in a family sort of atmosphere.

Each morning I was able to steal away for some much needed alone time, taking walks before the rest of the household woke up. There were some great trails not too far from our cabin, so great that I ended up getting lost one day in the woods. New rule: no ipod when on a not very clearly marked trail. I was so distracted by the music and the praying that when I went to retrace my steps, I missed a turn and ended up a couple miles from where I needed to be. Luckily a kind runner on the path (thank you Jesus!) provided alternate directions that required residential navigation and very steep inclines. But I made it home–a little sore–but intact.

I also got to play sidekick to a five-year-old boy over the weekend. We went on rock hunts, played hide-and-seek and Go Fish (I never realized what a great teaching tool that game is until now!). Spending time with him was so fun and helps keep me young!

My favorite times, though, were spent singing and playing worship songs with some of the guys. We would stay up ’til the wee hours of the morning rocking out. I love that sort of fellowship and miss having it at home.

Sunday morning saw the break through that I had been praying to God for all weekend. Not being able to feel His presence for a length of time is very hard, but when the guys started singing their simple songs of worship, the Holy Spirit showed up and the flood gates opened.

The retreat reconfirmed my desire to get involved in ministry in some way, shape or form. I remember in Mozzy, when I had to handle a certain situation with some people, a woman who witnessed the interaction said to me, “If the parents are called, the children are called.” The lesson in Patience has helped me to not get too ahead of myself…so now I’m just praying and waiting.

Next weekend, I’ll be heading back up to the mountains–the Sierra’s this time–for our family vacation and to remember Mom. Yesterday was her birthday. She would have been 55. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since she passed. What a full year this has been.

I’m looking for forward to the mountains, the hiking, the fresh air, the star-studded skies, the family and the break from work!



  1. This post is now on my bookmark bar. Thank you for writing this.

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