Posted by: tranalist | August 20, 2008

Awww…June Lake

The other view--Gull Lake

The other view--Gull Lake

What was originally only supposed to be a long weekend up in the Sierras turned into a full week at the last minute. I had the vacation allowance and thought a week away from work would be good for the soul.

It was.

For the first few days, it was only my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and myself. I had originally wanted to visit the hot springs, an old stompin’ ground of ours, but when I found out that it’s been closed since 2006 because it started burning and killing people, I thought better of it.

We were, however, able to go on a couple of great hikes, get in some not-so-good fishing (I didn’t even catch one!), get funny sunburns and, of course, take lots of pictures.

But Sage definitely stole the show. There is nothing more hilarious than a 2-year-old’s interpretation of grown up talk.

My favorite was Sage wanting to go fishing. It does me in every time. We were originally heading to the dock to see the fish Jacob caught, but Sage had other plans.

In case you have a hard time understanding what he’s saying, let me translate:

Sage: I wan, I wanna go feeshing.
Amy: Want me to help you or do you want to do it by yourself.
Sage: Do it by myself.

The rest of the family showed up Thursday night and it quickly became a full house.

Asher only bonked his head badly one time (and boy was it bad—he literally flew off those couch cushions), which has to be a new record for him.

After a rather interesting lunch on Friday (let’s not talk about it, but I will tell you it involved crying babies), we all ventured into Mammoth for a hike. I have to tip my hat to Hayley and Adrianna who carried their 4 months old for 4 miles, and to the babies for lasting that long!

Saturday we had a nice time of remembering Mom. I got a little teary eyed whilst reflecting.

But, when the Olympics started over the weekend, it pretty much consumed us for the latter part of our stay.

All in all, it was a nice time and now I’m all gung-ho camping/hiking. I even went with a friend to REI to look at sleeping bags (the kind that smoosh down into the size of a football and weigh as much as my pinkie) and backpacks.

How glorious do a few days camping in the mountains sound? Very glorious. Actually, I would really love to trailer in some horses and go camping that way—you can cover more ground and still be as sore as if you’d done all the walking. It’s a win-win!

I wonder if my dad would be up for something like that…


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