I marvel at my anomalistic tendencies. I’m outgoing, yet shy. I enjoy the quiet, but can be the loudest one in the room. I love spending time with people, yet crave solitude. I’m laughing often, yet am easily moved to tears. I look forward to new adventures, but can be afraid to break the rules. I long to see and impact the world, yet am learning how to be planted in one place.

Life is an interesting journey, and I hope at the end of it, I can look back and know that mine stood for something.

One cannot live without dying, but one can die without living.

-Andre Bloemhof



  1. i think your life seems lovely. i think your website does too.

  2. Your personal photographer loves this shot…I just asked Andre the poet for another one…not sure if he can ever compare with the living without dying one though…that’s a classic. Love the all the changes you’ve made to the blog.

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