Great Organizations

I’ve been stumbling onto a lot of cool nonprofit organizations and foundations that I think should be passed along.


TOMS Shoes is a company started by a young man traveling through South America who saw that most children didn’t own shoes.

Upon arriving back in the States, he approached a major shoe company, shared his idea of making low cost shoes to give to those in need. The shoe company supported the idea and TOMS had its humble beginnings.

For every pair of shoes you buy, ONE pair of shoes is donated to those in need internationally. Once enough shoes have been sold, TOMS teams distribute them in the countries of need. It’s a great idea…go support it.

Check out TOMS website or TOMS myspace page to learn more.


RANSOM WEAR is a nonprofit that sells scarves, beanies, purses, and gloves to generate revenue to literally purchase the freedom of Nepali women sold into the sex trade in India. So, the next time you don’t have a gift idea remember this site and help save a life. What could be a better gift than that?


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